The Queen Of Bean Street

from by Joe Solo



"I was knee-high to your knee
When me Daddy died at sea
Being the eldest, well, I had to be the earner
A sympathetic mate
Of me father's he said: 'It's fate!
The ship I'm on we need a Deckie Learner.'
Well I learned some stuff alright
Like how to keep a fag alight
If it went out then they called you a beginner
When the waves hit twenty foot
You felt a churning in your gut
And us young uns we'd kiss goodbye to our dinner

Now the Skipper's name was Jack
And his mood was always black
He slicked his hair back like a rock and roller
And the rumours they were rife
His fishing so upset his wife
That she kept a dozen men to help console her
The First Mate were Charlie Town
He had a weakness for the brown
When his wind were up the wisest would avoid him
And there was Brynn who come from Wales
And reckoned he was hard as nails
So they called him 'Scotty' just cos it annoyed him.

I asked your Nan to be me wife
And son, I've loved her all me life
For me she'll always be the Queen of Bean Street
And from the day she wore my ring
I wouldn't have changed a single thing
Not to be the King or owner of the whole fleet
She saw Big Lil at Vicky Hall
Was with her right there through it all
She was a Headscarf Revolutionary your Nan
At sea I'd many a close shave
But she's a different kind of brave
And she made your Grandad here a very proud man

Now there was Marco, my best mate,
He'd always jump on at the gate
With his fags, a change of clothes and a clank of bottles.
We'd say: 'One day you will slip.
In many ways you're like this ship,
Neither are seaworthy at full throttle.'
But there came the fateful night
The sea rose up and proved us right
One too many snifters, well it cost him
He were taken from the rail
In a great big bloody gale
Though me and Micky tried we knew that we had lost him

But the fishing's gone now, son
The city lost and someone won
It's all money now, and everything's a 'venture'
The Cri has locked its doors
And all the rest are in the wars
St Andrews Dock's a bloody shopping centre
When we put to sea
We were one great big family
Though we took orders that a fool would never follow
They led us a merry dance
But given half a chance
I'd pack me bags and sail out there tomorrow."


from Headscarves & Hurricanes, released November 26, 2018
Joe Solo


all rights reserved



Joe Solo Scarborough, UK

Joe Solo is an award-winning musician, writer, poet, activist, broadcaster and washing machine engineer from Scarborough.

Live he has an ever growing reputation as both a performer and raconteur, being thought-provoking, comical and punch-the-air political often in the same breath.

He is not an artist you forget in a hurry.
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